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Visual Effects

“Besides being a somewhat tragic psychological thriller, the film SCULPTURE is also a horror film. Its story required many gore effects including throat slashings, stabbings, multiple dismemberments, a decapitation as well as the creation of a human “sculpture” unlike anything anyone has seen before. I have worked with Steve Hicks before, and like his work and enjoy working with him. Steve and his assistant, Steward Noack and their team of effects artists did a great job in their unique “artistic” contribution to the film.” – Pete Jacelone

Special Effects Makeup Artist Supervisor
Stephen R. Hicks
Mr. Hicks as been involved in special effects for many years. His film credits include: BEEF: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, CAMP SLAUGHTER, FLESH FOR THE BEAST and DAS HAUSE (to name a few).
Mr. Hicks and his crew were involved in creating the more than 30 effects shots that appear in the film, as well as constructing and animating the “Sculpture” in the final scene of the film.

Special Effects Assistant
Steward Noack

Special Effects Makeup Artist Assistant
Christy Nibbling

Effects Crew
John Bohichik

Body Doubles
Scott Loudon
Jose Lacomba
Andrew Korzenok

FX Mold & Casting Assistants
Scott Loudon
Jose Lacomba
John Bohichik
Phil Liguori

Sculpture Design
Mar Omega

Photo Prop Creation and Artistic Design
Jeff Bittner


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