The Art of Sculpture  
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“The story of SCULPTURE contains numerous references to art. In order to create the movie, many artistic props were required, including finished and unfinished drawings, paintings, sculptures, sketch pads, and various other artistic supplies. In fact an entire portfolio of sketches, paintings and sculptures needed to be created for both the main character Ashley Steele, and her mother, Rose. A team of artists led by Lalainya and Nora Veca assisted in creating and compiling art props for the movie. I was very fortunate to have many extremely talented local artists loan sketches, paintings and sculptures and art props and supplies to the production.” – Pete Jacelone

Art Director (Pre-production)

Art Director and Set Design (Production)
Nora Veca
Set Design
Alex Heinke
Mar Omega
Maria Mascaro
Rachel Deane
Other Contributing Artists
Anthony Padovano

Cynthia Hoffman Carosso
Leah Tomaino
Christy Jones
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