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“The film SCULPTURE is rich in visual images thanks to the many artists involved in the project. I felt the film needed accompanying music consistent with that visual imagery. I did not want an electronic synthesized soundtrack. I wanted an orchestral soundtrack capable of conveying the wide range of emotions and feelings of the various characters in a way that only traditional orchestral instruments could. I listened to samples of many outstanding musicians, but one of them stood out as being the only person who could truly convey the feelings I was looking for. I was sent a one and a half minute thematic virtual orchestral piece composed by Anthony Belluscio and after hearing it, knew immediately I had found the composer I wanted for SCULPTURE” – Pete Jacelone

Original Musical Score by
Anthony Belluscio
Anthony started playing piano at age 10. He studied music theory and set up a home studio and has been cranking out tunes ever since. His early efforts were played by Richard Ginsberg, on WFMU on his radio show ”Synthetic Pleasure” alongside a then undiscovered Yanni. He was later formally trained in orchestration and composition at Fairleigh Dickinson University, by Stanley Purdy, a former Hollywood Composer who composed for several Mickey Spillane projects. After many years of composing for various projects, mostly Dance and New Age, Anthony was given the opportunity to compose the music for SCULPTURE.

“From the first scene that I was presented with, I knew this project was of extremely high quality, The film has such a polished and refined look, and a unique story that I couldn’t help but become inspired. The music I heard for this had to be at times tender and emotional and at other times big and imposing. The whole score was done on a PC using virtual instruments. The trick with this type of score is to work out the dynamics so that the score comes to life. Luckily the libraries I use allow me to actually build the orchestra player by player. This enabled me to allow each player to perform their part with slight variations as a real orchestra would do” – Anthony Belluscio

After completing the musical score for SCULPTURE, Anthony composed the soundtrack score for UntoldHorror’s THE GREEN MONSTER and has also created original songs for Alex Pucci’s FRAT HOUSE MASSACRE.


“That Little Girl”
Written and performed by Becca Jones
From “Welcome to the Cinderella Club”
Becca Jones is a singer/songwriter musician whose lyrics reflect her uncompromising spirit and whose compositions are unadulterated. Combine that with her unique soulful voice, guitar and harmonica playing and you have a new treasure for your listening pleasure. Her original songs are refreshingly diverse in style and substance. This is a musician who will NEVER be accused of “all her songs sound the same!” Her song “That Little Girl” from the CD “Welcome to the Cinderella Club” unintentially assumes the mood and identity of Ashley Steele, the main player in the tragedy of “Sculpture” and for that reason was chosen to play in the film.

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Main Theme
Ashley Comes Home
Who Are You

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