“…a visceral treat on many levels.” – www.horrorsociety.com

“…one of the best horror films of 2009. It's a well-acted, intense, gory, repulsive, disturbing, nauseating, and brutal film which displays the main character's downward spiral into insanity in a very realistic way…” – www.fearzone.com

“...who knew a paint brush could be so dangerous?” – www.dvdresurections.com

“... great gross out ending when the masterpiece is finally revealed.”

“…a spicy little gem of independent mayhem.”

“…one of the top 10 independent films of 2009”
Brian Mortan

“SCULPTURE is a great movie … and the final scene where Ashley reveals her “work” is amazing! – www.roguecinema.com

“…for better or worse, the final few images will be with you for a long time.” – The DVD Pub www.joblo.com

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